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Riverhead’s quiet streets getting ‘torn apart’

Riverhead’s quiet streets getting ‘torn apart’

Norwest News – 28 February 2017:

Riverhead’s formerly quiet streets are getting torn apart by increased – and heavy – traffic, a local politician says.

Rodney Local Board’s Cameron Brewer said Riverhead’s roads are “frankly, not good enough”.

Recurring potholes, uneven surfaces and the use of roads as footpaths are the main issues in the area, Brewer said.

Sussex Tce ‘is as bad as it gets’, said Brewer.

He has identified Sussex Tce, Albert St, Edward Jonkers Drive, Alice St, Princes St and Arthur St as such roads.

The Riverhead resident said many of the roads in the area don’t have the substructure to withstand heavy traffic.

“Because of the increase in use and increasing amounts of development and heavy construction related traffic, we’re seeing these once very quiet side streets getting torn apart.”

He said the temporary fix of pouring asphalt into potholes is something residents will have to live but the quick fix solutions are not ideal.

“In the medium to long term, Auckland Transport needs to look at a complete resurfacing of a lot of these streets.”

The corner of Arthur St and Sussex Tce, Riverhead, as of February 23.

Gary Pearce, an Albert St resident for the just under 12 months, said the state of the Riverhead roads are “pretty poor”.

“The roads double as a footpath. That’s what the kids walk on, and ride their bikes up and down. For an urban road, it could be a little bit better than this. Even if it’s not curbed and channelled, it’d be nice to have a better road to walk and run on,” he said.

In a statement on February 23, an Auckland Transport spokesman said there has been some damage in the form of potholes and cracks to Arthur St, Sussex Tce, Alice Street, Lloyd Rd and Edward Jonkers Drive.

“Pothole repairs on Alice St and Sussex Tce are scheduled to be start within the next week, depending on the weather.”

The reconstruction work for Albert St, Edward Jonkers Drive and Lloyd Rd will be done in the 2016/17 financial year.

The statement said further reconstruction and resurfacing work for Arthur St, George St, Sussex St, Alexander St has been recommended for the 2017/2018 financial year.

“Until the reconstruction and resurfacing is done Auckland Transport will continue to monitor them and repair as necessary.”

“The conditions of the roads needs to be a priority,” Brewer said.

“Riverhead is more than twice the size it was a few years ago and it’s under increasing growth pressure.”

Other north-west roads on Brewer’s radar include Nixon Rd in Taupaki.

Brewer said it has been “chewed up by the likes of clean fill trucks”.

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