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Landfill trucks damaging Nixon Road

Landfill trucks damaging Nixon Road

By Danielle Clent – Nor-West News – 1 December 2016:

Trucks going to and from a landfill are making Nixon Rd dangerous, concerned residents say.

Damage is being caused by up to 200 daily heavy truck movements going to and from the Dirtworks landfill site located at 38 Nixon Rd, Taupaki.

Taupaki residents have been expressing their worry about the state of the road on social media with some afraid the potholes will cause an accident.

Damage to the patched road on Nixon Rd.

Nixon Rd resident Stuart Cattanach says the road is dangerous but his biggest issue is “poor workmanship” of repair jobs.

He says repairs are completed and within a week, the road is crumbling again.

“Since the first hole appeared, they have just been ongoing all the way up the road,” Cattanach says.

Rodney Local Board member Cameron Brewer says the board met with Auckland Transport on November 23 to discuss the road but ultimately is it an Auckland Council issue as they gave consent for the landfill.

Dirtworks currently has a three-year consent to use the site but an application lodged with Auckland Council shows it wants to extend its deadline.

Brewer says Taupaki is a growing area and where landfills used to be “out of sight, out of mind”, the number of people affected is growing rapidly.

“Not only is it a lifestyle issue and an infrastructural issue, by I say first and foremost, it is a safety issue,” he says.

AT media relations manager Mark Hannan says the road is not designed to handle the amount of truck movement and AT are constantly having to patch the road.

He says repair work is “proving costly” as AT has spent approximately $100,000 on maintaining the road.

However, because trucks are still using it, the repair jobs are not going to work.

“As quickly as we repair it, another truck comes through and causes more damage,” he says.

Hannan says they have reduced the speed limit to 50kmh as a safety precaution.

Dirtworks’ application filed with Auckland Council to request resource consent also asks to extend the landfill to the neighbouring site on 47 Henwood Rd.

Consent has yet to be given or declined.

The first landfill was granted without public notice, but Brewer says the local board will fight to have tight consent conditions and have this application made public.

Taupaki residents are invited to attend a public meeting at Taupaki Hall on December 12 at 7.30pm to share their concerns.

Dirtworks did not respond to requests for comment.

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