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Council staff up again and now costing $803m

Council staff up again and now costing $803m

Media release – Thursday, 8 September 2016: Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer has compiled and released the latest Auckland Council staff numbers and costs ahead of the Mayor and councillors signing off the 2015/16 Annual Report this month.

“I’ve been releasing the official staff numbers and costs every year for the past six years and every year they climb despite all the assurances and excuses. 2016 is no different.”

Mr Brewer says the latest draft 2015/16 Annual Report shows the total headcount of the Auckland Council Group (including the CCOs) has increased by 211 people from 11,380 to 11,591 in the past 12 months.

At the same time, the number earning more than $100,000 has increased by 136 people to 2,048, including 155 now earning more than $200,000 and 36 earning over $300,000.

“Total staff numbers in 2011 were put at 9,300. They’re now at 11,591. In the same period council’s total annual staff costs have risen by $188m – from $615m to $803m since the Super City.

“This Annual Report shows total staff costs for 2015/16 were budgeted at $771m but they’ve come in at $803m – that’s $32m above budget and up from $792m spent last year.

“Last year I put up an amendment during the 10-year budget debates to at least hold council staff costs for three years. However a majority of councillors voted it down. Well we’ve now exceeded $803m and ratepayers can look forward to the council’s annual wage bill hitting $1 billion in the coming years if the Labour Party maintains control.

“Phil Goff was number three in the last Labour Government when public sector numbers and staff costs soared. He talks a big game, but his track record in this area is appalling.

“Six years ago the ratepayers of Auckland were promised that the Super City would do ‘more stuff with less staff’. We’ll every year since without fail, Auckland Council’s staff numbers and costs have climbed as this Mayor has completely squandered the opportunity to deliver the benefits of amalgamation.

“Sure we need more of certain people to keep up with Auckland’s development and infrastructure boom. However let’s hold the line and prioritise those staff. Instead this council just endlessly adds on staff and costs, without seriously reviewing the organisation’s more discretionary roles.”

“This just confirms that Auckland Council staff costs and numbers deserve to be a major issue during this year’s local body election,” says Mr Brewer.

Total full-time equivalents, across the Auckland Council group, also increased from 9,678 to 9,870 in the past 12 months.


Cameron Brewer (021) 828-016

Auckland Council’s official headcount count and wage and salary costs:

2011 c.9,300 & $615m

2012: 10,157 & $670m

2013: 10,616 & $693m

2014: 11,122 & $730m

2015: 11,380 & $792m

2016: 11,591 & $803m

2013 $100k-plus 1,500 $200k-plus 113 $300k-plus 23

2014 $100k-plus 1,720 $200k-plus 139 $300k-plus 34


$100k-plus 1,912 $200k-plus 146 $300k-plus 36


$100k-plus 2,048 $200k-plus 155 $300k-plus 36


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